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Archive for: duftende planter orangeri click November 2014

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France’s Apéro Géant: Cultural Events Fueled by the Internet

Today’s world is a world of our own making. It is very exciting to be a participant in globalization. We have the good fortune to see the people... rapports loto foot 282 0

Fooling The General Public: Mass Media in South Korea & Turkey

While living in the Netherlands my Korean wife followed the political situation of her country very closely. She gave me regular updates on what was d...
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Pop Culture: Enjoy… But Be Cautious

Stuck in Stereotypes I once read that the majority of Americans don’t have a passport. As a European, I thought this was an incredibly shocking, if ... brian tracy selbstdisziplin pdf 0

Which is more popular? TV vs. Internet in Korea and America

The mid-20th century gave us television. The late 20th century gave us the Internet. Since then, Reliable Wifi has come to fruition for the masses. No...
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If I Were an Outsider, What Would I Say About Mass Media?

If I were an outsider to our “modern” and “connected” society—perhaps someone hailing from a community where mass media...
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Looking for passionate and talented people to join us!

Why IDC? I Dig Culture, where people gather to learn about each other’s cultures. Culture is a living phenomenon that determines our worldview ...
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What Good Is Cultural Diversity, Anyway?

The human race now possesses the ability to share ideas among a more culturally diverse range of people than has ever been possible in the entire hist... accord ayen pa mol connue q dance parking capitole toulouse christian fechner havelberg marine ship new york watch oliver nopper stahnsdorf poignees de placard ovales en porcelaine see leonard meunier ostéopathe go verstauchung handgelenk homöopathie one lost time astrid olsen taske moonstone