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Blood, Sweat and Tears: the Power of Sport

Sport is a key part of both the past and present worlds. Along with music, literature and dance, it’s something that is both magnificent, yet od...
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Female Terrorist Motivations

Terrorist Culture: Not for everyone. But for some, including myself, the study terrorism as an act of communication, is interesting.  Terrorists will...
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Repent or Die: How ISIS is Changing the Gulf

Some of you may have heard that the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis has returned to Earth and is wreaking havoc in Iraq, with plans to expand her new em...
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North Korea: Security threat or not?

North Korea has proposed to its southern neighbor for an immediate cease on all provocative military actions to “better” the relationship between ...
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5 Asian stereotypes in the 1990s/2000s

South Korea (along with its neighbor in the north) gained fame throughout the world for its K-pop, food, and internet. However, Korea only recently ma...
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