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Is English a Threat to Linguistic Traditions?

As a native speaker of English, I revel in a fantastic luxury when I travel. Wherever I go, I can assume that the language of business is English. No ...
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Online but Not Connected: The Internet Does Not Equal Globalization

The year 2013 marked the twentieth that W3 Internet server technology has been freely available to the public. [1] Fittingly, I know that thanks to my...
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English Trouble for Native Koreans Abroad

“Condoms, please,” he whispered. What the hell are condoms, I thought. The line was long and people were waiting to pay for their merchandise, whi...
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Loving Abroad #2: Overcoming the Language Barrier

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gp8euVvINw] I ventured onto another blind date with another woman from China. And once more, the date was hel...
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What I Learned from the Amish

Whilst waiting in a long line to board onto the Chicago AmTrak train one afternoon, I couldn’t help but to study and enjoy the presence of a large ...
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Five Techniques that Make Learning A Foreign Language Significantly Less Impressive

“What did you eat for breakfast as a child?” asked a wide-eyed woman from across the conference table. My friend had just introduced me to her cli...
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