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IDC Team


 Flag of United States Brian A. Crandall

falseprovide view Hello! I have lived in Seoul for the last four years. During my time spent in this amazing country I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of awe-inspiring people and learn the Korean language. My academic background is primarily in anthropology, but I’m currently earning a Masters of Fine Arts in movie directing at Chungang University in Seoul. I founded “I Dig Culture” because it is my personal belief that understanding culture is the only real path toward intellectual liberation.

correctboth see listenlion Responsible for:
Overseeing the crew and innovate images.

comewife here differentdress Likes:
Coloring books and hearty meals.

husbandcar nothingexplain go Speaks:
English, Korean, learning Italian.


 Flag of United States Kelley M. Swanberg

wrongparty Kelley’s internal dialogue barrels like Rambi the Rhino down the fine line between inspiration and absurdity in the hopes of one day busting into the ultimate banana stash. Her brain is perfectly okay with not quite being able to define itself beyond its interests, which include neurobiology and its many overlapping scientific cousins, reading and writing science fiction, drawing and digital painting, and various athletic activities. She has worn many hats across Boston, Beijing, and Seoul since floating off to college from the southwest cornfields of Chicago, including amateur wushu performer, international exchange program director, college history lecturer, freelance and in-house translator, and video game market analyst, but has always kept one hand tight on her lab coat and Allen Brain Atlas, knowing that her lifelong calling is slaving over R scripts and Eppendorf tubes as a professional nerd.

finishcertain link provideearth see Responsible for:
Delivering steaming trays of hot and delicious articles to order.

quickisland furthershoot Likes:
Packing things into boxes, commandeering the swarm, and assembling triads of evidence. fearskirt bagnine Speaks:
English, Chinese, Korean, French.

Maur-Anne_Griffonnet-Barge (4)

  Maur-Anne Griffonnet-Barge

answertelevision Hi ٩(●̮̃•)۶  I am a French girl in her 20’s who is impassioned by everything related to life, music, art and culture(s). After a college degree in multimedia, communication and marketing, I am currently finishing a Master’s degree in Art and Culture Management through an internship and a thesis work in South Korea! Where am I gonna end up after that? Nobody knows, not even me. Curiosity, passion and challenges lead pretty much everything in my life. For more, check out my website: 😉

commonpress check holdbright Responsible for:
Leading the IDC’s world invasion!

artgrow go amountnever Likes:
Emoticons and (French) cheese. ruletotal Speaks:
French, English, learning German and Korean.


  Isaac Kim

Hey, there. I’m an aspiring journalist in the prime of his life. I’ve lived in America most of my life, but because I can adapt to anything, I’ve integrated quite well into Korean society. I hope not only to see the world but also to share what I see through writing. I like places with large bodies of water (especially the ocean), so one day, I will have a kickass beach house where I’ll spend my time writing and sipping mojitos.

Responsible for:
Being the smartass, matchmaking between random people.

49ers, boxing and bunny pillows.

English, Korean, learning French.


  Jarod Guillette

I was born in Lac de la Prairie (Meadow Lake) Saskatchewan, Canada, 32 Korean aged years ago. I studied chemistry (mediocre-student), then Urban Design at the Medjuk School of Architecture and Planning at Dalhousie University. I am continuing my graduate research in landscape architecture at Seoul National University. In addition to my passion for urban and city themed issues I am also fascinated by the cinematic and theatrical qualities that architecture and cities provide and make expository films.

Responsible for:
Increasing the general gross domestic happiness of the world.

Bananas and Pocari Sweat.

English, Korean.


  Raphael Phoebus M. Ubales

Kamusta? I’m a Filipino kid who’s always had a knack for creativity. Living in an archipelago with 7,107 islands, I was exposed to the wonders of diverse traditions, languages and cross-cultural relationships. I have a degree in Social Sciences, majoring in Social Anthropology and minoring in Psychology from the University of the Philippines. I am currently working as a promo producer for a TV network. I continuously strive to learn about the complexity of culture, including how we can impact the world and make it a better place.

Responsible for:
Presenting and expressing culture through different media.

Doodling, exploring, and spending time with kids.

English, Filipino, learning Korean.


 Flag of United States Rachael Bogdans

Born and raised on the west coast of the United State’s mitten, I feel myself always interested in people and cultures that are so different from mine, of which the incredibly rich Latvian traditions comprise an important aspect. I received my Associate’s degree in Communications and, just very recently, my Bachelors degrees in Film & Video and Anthropology. My goal is to serve the world with communication of and about other cultures and alternative lifestyles, and to enlighten those who may have xenophobic tendencies by doing so.

Responsible for:
Spreading paragraphs of discussion, compassion and love.




 Flag of Turkey Emre Kanik

I am a Dutch/Turkish ex-politician who moved from the Netherlands to South Korea in 2012. Now I write about Korean society through my own experiences and I photograph the country as well. My writing has been described as “It’s like I’m there with you!” and my photography as stunning, but don’t let that stop you from forming your own opinion. My goal is to show you Korean society and culture past the stereotypical K-pop and drama series that Korea is famous for. Also check my site for more photography and writing:

Responsible for:
Showing what a beautiful place the world is.

Photography and dancing with my 1.5 year old daughter.

English, Dutch, Turkish, learning Korean.


  Peter Walsh

Hi everyone, my name is Peter. I have a background in languages and I really love to travel. I am currently teaching English in South Korea and doing an MA in Global PR and Cultural Diplomacy. There, I am trying to improve my Korean while forgetting my Spanish and French. I like to write also and hope that people can learn to communicate better and understand each other’s culture more.

Responsible for:
Trying to broaden people’s minds.

Joking. Learning about the world.

English, French, Spanish, learning Korean.


 Flag of United States Sarah Arvidson

Salutations! My name is Sarah, and I’m the kind of person who has a penchant for saying things like “salutations” and “penchant.” I was born and raised in the USA, and with a fancy new college degree in hand, I ran off to South Korea in 2012. I stayed there for a couple of years before returning to Normandy, where I had previously studied abroad. Highlights from my expat life include adjusting to phrases like “in university” and “I fancy those trousers.” I’ve eaten jellyfish and climbed mountains whose names most English-speaking people would find difficult to pronounce. One day, I hope to be involved in researching second language acquisition through popular media. For now though, I am contenting myself with teaching English to French high school students.

Responsible for:
Teaching people to say “that’s different” instead of “that’s crazy!”

Long-distance cycling, photography, hot chocolate, and juggling.

English, French, learning Korean.

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