I Dig Culture, where people gather to learn about each other's cultures.

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IDC Team

> Looking for passionate and talented people to join us!

IDC-logo-WB-MediumWhy IDC?

I Dig Culture, where people gather to learn about each other’s cultures. Culture is a living phenomenon that determines our worldview and lifestyle. We believe that cultural awareness is a necessity in our increasingly globalized world. Looking to discover cultures from all over the globe? Join us and let’s get digging!

IDC’s goals are:

  1. Discussion: Encourage discussion of cultural issues
  2. Entertainment: Entertain people with culture-related topics
  3. Community: Make a community where people from different cultural backgrounds can share their ideas
  4. Advocacy: Encourage individuals and organizations to analyze and question culture
  5. Innovation: Innovate and develop new forms of cultural expression


We are a voluntary non-profit organization / media channel where members can take their careers in international multimedia to the next level by collaborating with content producers from all over the world.  Our goal is to facilitate an environment that is hindered by no geographical, no cultural boundaries. We are looking for people who share our values and are motivated to invest themselves in this creative project to make it grow, from the non-profit organization it currently is, to a sustainable cultural company.

Even though our members come from all different walks of life we share one single motivation, our desire to become international multimedia leaders.  Join our proud community of artists, directors, writers, designers, and creative people from all of the world and expand your professional network.


Positions :

All of our team members participate in the creative process of other departments as well. The positions may also evolve depending on the involvement and skills of the team members!  

We are looking for talented motivated global citizens :


>> Writers

We need a writer with a strong background in French Culture (French nationality, or experience living in France). However other writers with various backgrounds (especially including USA or Korea) are also welcomed.  You will be expected to discuss with other team members our monthly themes and issues regarding culture.  We need a staff writer who can produce 2 to 4 articles a month on these cultural topics for our media channel. We prefer curious independent thinkers who have a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures.

>> Translators

We want to make our video contents more accessible to an international audience, so we are looking for translators to take care of our videos subtitles on YouTube. Fluent english is required and the main language skills we are seeking  are French and/or Korean; however,  every other language skill is a plus! We prefer curious, independent thinkers who have a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures.


>> Webmaster and/or Graphic designer

IDC distributes its contents on many platforms including a WordPress website. We are looking for a webmaster and or a graphic designer to help us managing the website and the whole image of IDC.  There may also be social media responsibilities.  A passion for HTML, CSS, WordPress, FTP and/or Adobe softwares (or equivalent) required.

>> Facebook Community Manager

IDC promotes its contents on many platforms including Facebook. We are looking for a tech savvy and trend oriented community manager to entertain and develop our Facebook community. A deep knowledge of Facebook page management (Power Editor, Facebook Insights), paid campaigns and fluent English ability is required.



>> Video producer / Editor

We are also seeking a talented video producer who also has a background in editing, not only capable of producing high quality videos, but generating creative ideas as well.

>> Sound designer / soundcloud admin

We need someone who believes that sound can tell amazing, inspiring, or hilarious stories.  Apply for this position if you are crazy about sound design and love listening to podcasts and audio based mediums.  Skills in protools is not required, but certainly a plus.

Motivated to join us?

Send an email with your resume and a cover letter to idigculture@gmail.com before november 10.  No picture is required and age is not important in our community!

Please use the subject: “I am ready for the adventure with IDC as <Position title>”


Written by Maur-Anne Griffonnet-Barge

Hi ٩(●̮̃•)۶ I am a french girl in her 20’s, passionate by everything related to life, music, art and culture(s). After a college degree in multimedia, communication and marketing, I am currently finishing a master degree in Art and Culture management by an internship and a thesis work in South-Korea! Where am I gonna end up after? Nobody knows, not even me. Curiosity, passion and challenges leads pretty much everything in my life. For more, check out my website ;)

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