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I Dig Culture, where people gather to learn about each other's cultures.

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IDC Team
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Looking for passionate and talented people to join us!

IDC-logo-WB-MediumWhy IDC?

http://looksmemory.live niveaux mental binaire hiérarchisation I Dig Culture, where people gather to learn about each other’s cultures. Culture is a living phenomenon that determines our worldview and lifestyle. We believe that cultural awareness is a necessity in our increasingly globalized world. Looking to discover cultures from all over the globe? Join us and let’s get digging!

hestia system plus view IDC’s goals are:

  1. selbst wenn broschüre check Discussion: Encourage discussion of cultural issues
  2. mala kette knüpfen see Entertainment: Entertain people with culture-related topics
  3. kinderkoerbchen für fahrad aus der ddr zeit Community: Make a community where people from different cultural backgrounds can share their ideas
  4. expression scénique et corporelle maternelle link Advocacy: Encourage individuals and organizations to analyze and question culture
  5. robert weiland maler click Innovation: Innovate and develop new forms of cultural expression

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valentinsgruß in polnisch click We are a voluntary non-profit organization / media channel where members can take their careers in international multimedia to the next level by collaborating with content producers from all over the world.  Our goal is to facilitate an environment that is hindered by no geographical, no cultural boundaries. We are looking for people who share our values and are motivated to invest themselves in this creative project to make it grow, from the non-profit organization it currently is, to a sustainable cultural company.

policeman youtube eva simons Even though our members come from all different walks of life we share one single motivation, our desire to become international multimedia leaders.  Join our proud community of artists, directors, writers, designers, and creative people from all of the world and expand your professional network.

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doctor bild witzig Positions :

emma plambeck haus norderstedt watch knittrige pullover bügeln All of our team members participate in the creative process of other departments as well. The positions may also evolve depending on the involvement and skills of the team members!  

http://facethank.live wetter xl ios küken basteln aus moosgummi We are looking for talented motivated global citizens :


>> Webmaster

trajet puerto princesa el nido We are looking for a webmaster to help us managing and improving our main platform. You are passionate about web, media and culture? This position might be for you. HTML, CSS, WordPress, FTP required. Good skills in ergnomy and data analysis are a plus.

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MULTIMEDIA CONTENTS TEAMhttp://earlyfelt.live/2019/05 sport jeunesse thônes

>> Sound designer

rehbockjagd ungarn 2018 go We need someone who believes that sound can tell amazing, inspiring, or hilarious stories.  Apply for this position if you are crazy about sound design and love listening/creating podcasts and audio based mediums.  Skills in aqua stop ventil protools is not required, but certainly a plus.

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Motivated to join us?diu delhi police here

denken macht frei wer steckt dahinter Send an email with your resume and a cover letter to idigculture@gmail.com before december 8.  No picture is required and age is not important in our community!

http://crazyfind.live biopsie prostate afu http://goldmight.live/2019 énergie des plantes Please use the subject: “I am ready for the adventure with IDC as <Position title>”

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Written by Maur-Anne Griffonnet-Barge

Hi ٩(●̮̃•)۶ I am a french girl in her 20’s, passionate by everything related to life, music, art and culture(s). After a college degree in multimedia, communication and marketing, I am currently finishing a master degree in Art and Culture management by an internship and a thesis work in South-Korea! Where am I gonna end up after? Nobody knows, not even me. Curiosity, passion and challenges leads pretty much everything in my life. For more, check out my website ;)

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