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I Dig Culture, where people gather to learn about each other's cultures.

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What is IDC?


young god records I Dig Culture, where people gather to learn about each other’s cultures. Culture is a living phenomenon that determines our worldview and lifestyle. We believe that cultural awareness is a necessity in our increasingly globalized world. Looking to discover cultures from all over the globe? Join us and let’s get digging!IDC-logo-WB-Medium


government job alert there Our values and beliefs, uniting IDC community are:

  • Cultural awareness and understanding
  • Culture influences people’s behavior and vice versa
  • Freedom of expression and net neutrality
  • Cosmopolitanism and global citizenship
  • Practical knowledge of culture through accessible contents


washington international university We are a voluntary non-profit organization / media channel where passionate members collaborate from all over the world.  Our goal is to facilitate an environment that is hindered by no geographical, no cultural boundaries, but also:

  1. environment protection act Discussion: Encourage discussion of cultural issues
  2. mark adler madsen Entertainment: Entertain people with culture-related topics
  3. redoublement scolaire 2017 Community: Make a community where people from different cultural backgrounds can share their ideas
  4. vest tyskland innvandring Advocacy: Encourage individuals and organizations to analyze and question culture
  5. academie de kung fu Innovation: Innovate and develop new forms of cultural expression

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1-facebook 2-twitter 4-youtube 5-google 6-soundcloud 7-instagram

Let’s get digging! ツ

IDC Team members in the World

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