• Female

    Female Terrorist Motivations

    Terrorist Culture: Not for everyone. But for some, including myself, the study terrorism as an act of communication, is interesting.  Terrorists will bomb certain venues to get their point across in a violent way. That’s right, the act of killing and endangering hundreds of thousands of people, in most terrorist cultures, is believed to aid […]
  • washington_rhee

    Democracy in Revolution: The History of America and Korea

    Democracy – n. a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. (dictionary.com) Democracy has spread throughout the world and affected change in many nation states. The U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1788, providing the […]
  • still

    Loving Abroad: Overcoming the Language Barrier

    I ventured onto another blind date with another woman from China. And once more, the date was held on Google Hangouts on Air. For those that haven’t seen our first show (Loving Abroad: Korean American guy meets a Chinese girl), the objective of our show is to explore the diversity of cultural dating (and perhaps […]
  • kid_napping

    Education: Korean High School vs. American High School

    What determines intellect? The standards for intellect differ in many countries, and it’s hard to determine a person’s intellectual capacity.  Well, fear not! This article will give you the answers to achieving great intellect by showing you the comparisons between the Korean and American high school education system. I’ve attended both American and Korean high […]
  • loving abroad ep 1

    Loving Abroad: Korean American guy meet a Chinese girl

    I went on an online blind date with a Chinese woman. Why over the internet you ask? The point of the blind date is not about simply meeting new women. It’s about meeting new women – from around the world. The show is to learn about the dating differences from other cultures. We welcome you […]
  • perma

    Permaculture: A Growing Alternative

    A good friend of mine relocated to South America this year. He went to join a revolution. Not a local revolution, like some might picture when they think of South America. No one is sitting around a campfire with their cuerno de chivo (AK-47) slung over their shoulder, singing ABBA’s ‘Fernando’ as they drink tequila. […]
  • Amber

    The Amber Road

    My family comes from Latvia, a beautiful Baltic country made up of various trees, rivers and lakes, and a very wide range of biodiversity. While Latvia is well known for its amazing architecture and extensive liquor making, Latvia is also often sought after its beautiful and very resourceful Amber coast. Since I was a child, […]
  • arton4289-cf419

    Repent or Die: How ISIS is Changing the Gulf

    Some of you may have heard that the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis has returned to Earth and is wreaking havoc in Iraq, with plans to expand her new empire to engulf the world. Well, you heard wrong. The ISIS in the media today has nothing to do with Egyptian mythology. Who is this ISIS, then, […]
  • Favela crackdown

    World Cup Brazil: What the media didn’t cover

    Many people from each corner of the world joined to enjoy the festivities at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The matches were exciting and the stadiums were filled to the brim with supporters from around the world. Fans cheered, cried, and supported their teams as they watched them win, lose, or tie against other […]
  • r16 cover pic

    R16 – More than just dancing

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That’s what the “R” in “R-16” stands for. The R-16 is an annual event held in Korea where the world’s top b-boys battle each other for the title of world’s best. Crews representing  Switzerland, Australia, USA, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea stood present, ready to duel one another for the championship. But before […]
  • wall

    7 Things to do in Nepal when You’re Dead

    Flying into Kathmandu from Oman is an easy four-hour flight, so last February I picked up a bottle of Bombay Sapphire at the Muscat duty-free shop and boarded a plane. By sun-down I was in Kathmandu, and the first things that struck me were the friendliness of the people, and the absolute chaos of the […]
  • 0

    North Korea: Security threat or not?

    North Korea has proposed to its southern neighbor for an immediate cease on all provocative military actions to “better” the relationship between the two countries, according to media outlets. The proposal comes mainly due to the annual joint military exercises between South Korea and the U.S. The timing for North Korea’s offer for amicable relations […]
  • UFO1-I-Want-to-Believe

    Alien Encounters from Around the World

    We’ve all heard the stories: Someone is out in the middle of nowhere late at night when they spot strange lights in the sky. The next thing they know, they are on a table surrounded by shriveled gray beings that insist on inserting things into their butts. What is this? That episode of ‘The Golden […]
  • Many affected by the war lost their homes and family

    5 Brief Points of the Korean War

    Yesterday was June 25th, and for those that are unfamiliar with Korean history, yesterday marks the 64th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. To those that haven’t learned much about the Korean War, I’ve outlined a few concise facts of which you should be aware.   The 38th Parallel After the Japanese surrendered in […]
  • Mallard_duck_close-up

    The Dangerous Culture of Ducks: Satirical or Sinister?

    I am not sure any of you have noticed this, but for the past few decades, a sinister threat to human civilization has been growing right under our noses. Hiding under an air of cuteness and innocence, this threat has been growing steadily as more and more individual specimens tap into a growing united worldwide […]
  • 972048_10151388114421741_1149327192_n

    Rachael Bogdans

    I feel most at home when I’m learning, preferably outside. Culture, communication, music, and adventure are things that I think we as humans cannot live without. As someone who was born and raised on the west coast of the United State’s mitten, I feel myself always intrigued and interested in people and cultures that are […]
  • (c) jewishvirtuallibrary

    Pursuing Happy – Episode 5

      DISCLAIMER: Photo from the interwebs, from http://jewishphotolibrary.smugmug.com/ASIA/ASIAfareast/KOREA/KRSeoulChabadHouse/i-PgcwKZv. In this weeks talk, I am the one being asked a question. There is a joke. “Two Jews, three opinions.”  As you will find out the Jewish method of having a discussion is asking each other constant questions. When ever I am with the Rabbi he always […]
  • caveGHOST

    Pursuing Happy Episode 4

    During my time at Lotte Department Store with Simon we got thirsty and decided to go down to the food court. Coincidentally there was a little juice stand called happy juice. One of the employees at “Happy Juice” was kind enough to give me an interview after his shift ended. His name is Joon, he […]
  • Simon Hunter-Williams

    Pursuing Happy Episode 3

      In this episode I walk around Lotte Department store with my friend Simon Hunter-Williams. He lives his life on his terms, and offers some great opinions on happiness. Enjoy the show and please comment and share your thoughts on happiness, this episode and nearly any other thought you have on the subject. – Jarod […]
  • Victorian artist's rendition.

    Conspiracy in Culture: Spring-heeled Jack and the Monkey-Man

    As we look at different cultures around the world, we can’t help but notice a few of the strange occurrences and coincidences that pop up from time to time, and from place to place. This segment will explore a few of the more outlandish cultural curios that we have come across in our research – […]
  • dogs for food

    5 Korean/Asian stereotypes in the 1990s/2000s

    South Korea (along with its neighbor in the north) gained fame throughout the world for its K-pop, food, and internet. However, Korea only recently made its appearance on the international stage. For those that lived in the 1990s and early 2000s, not many people knew or even heard of Korea. I grew up in America […]
  • flags

    8 Differences between Korea and Oman

    These days, word around the ROK is that the EFL field is not what it once was. Foreign teachers are less in demand as there are now so many of them there, and schools can be much pickier about whom and how they hire. Many Korean schools now prefer to hire only those with at […]
  • 20140504_151119

    6 Things to do in Macau

    My friend and I went abroad to finally see what the Macau hype was all about. It’s actually more fun than I had imagined. However, our low budget restricted us to a few brief but exciting outings. Casinos lined up against each other, great food, and beautiful women (some were working women) are just some […]
  • dscn1180

    Advertising Around the World

    You may have seen the IDC Video Team’s take on advertising trends in America and Korea. As their… disturbing conclusion showed, American advertisers tend to be more direct and aggressive, where Korean style tends to be softer, with a focus that is more on features rather than force. This raises the question: What about advertisements you may […]
  • Femmes-Amish

    What I Learned from the Amish:

    Whilst waiting in the long line to board onto the Chicago AmTrak train, I couldn’t but to study and enjoy the presence of a large Amish family. The bearded man wearing suspenders was accompanied by three adult women and four absolutely adorable, small children.  They had suitcases of various vibrant colors and sipped from just-purchased […]
  • meh.ro7350

    6 Smoking etiquette to keep in Asia

    Surgeon General’s Warning: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy. Now that you’ve been warned, time to light up! Like alcohol, smoking, has a long history behind it. Depending on which country you’re in, smoking etiquette will differ. So here are some basic tips to keep in mind before you start […]
  • Simon Hunter-Williams

    Pursuing Happy Episode 1

    Intro episode for a show about happiness, what it is to different people from different walks of life.
  • purniwan

    Pursuing Happy Episode 2

  • 050628-N-0000X-005

    8 Things I Learned as an extra in a Korean Action Film

    As you can see by the content on this site, there are many, many fun things to do in Korea. One activity that might not occur to most, however, is playing the role of an extra in a Korean film. If you visit Craig’s List Seoul or some social groups online, you will see a […]
  • 177205495_c5a45376ee_b

    5 Things to know about Koreans

    What comes to mind when you think of Koreans? Kimchi? Soju? Or the Youtube sensation, Psy? Those are pretty famous staples of Korea, but what about the Korean people? Here are a few traits of Koreans you should know if you plan to interact with them. Hasty Whatever you’re doing – work, studying, or even […]
  • Mentawai_men

    Beauty Rituals: Teeth Chiseling

      Countries worldwide participate in various unique, and at times, disturbing beauty rituals and body modifications. For example, it is not uncommon for the Japanese to partake in beauty facials that are battered up with Nightingale droppings, and it is not strange for the Austrians that use leeches as a form of detoxification for their […]
  • soju

    Drink up!

      Beer, vodka, soju, sake, whiskey. Whichever your preference, alcohol is a great way to unite people. Drinking has become so widespread that there are customs and cultures based on it. Drinking cultures vary in each country. If you’re planning to drink in Korea, China, or Japan, here are some tips to get you started […]
  • Korean Christmas cake

    Christmas… in Korea?

    Ho ho ho! Santa and his trusty reindeer land on rooftops, and he shimmies down the chimney to deliver Christmas presents for those on his ‘Nice List.’ Sound familiar? This is what some of you inevitably expected of Christmas when you were younger and still held onto the notion of a mystical figure who brought gifts […]
  • hot - peppers

    Enjoy Hot, Spicy Foods

    Spices have played a vital role in the culinary arts throughout history. People from all over the world would travel to and explore new and exotic lands just to find new spices. Spices were once as tools for trade, have been the middle man of wars, and aided in famous poetry. Spices were also once […]
  • tables

    Thank you! Come again! Ah… Convenience.

    We all have generic names for convenience stores – Mini-marts, Kwiki-Marts, Piss-n-Smunch – and quite often we never pay much attention to the actual names. How many convenience store chains in Korea can you name off the top of your head? CU (formerly Family Mart), 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, Buy the Way, GS-25… You can’t swing […]
  • Korean Indie Music Scene

    Korean Indie Music Scene: Better than K-Pop

    Why is there so much continental rage about K-pop and its flashy arcade sounds? Even here in America… children, students, and adults lust after the K-pop sounds, fashions, and even ‘lifestyle’.  I can’t help but relate K-pop and its major recording artists to those here working under major recording labels in the United States… to […]
  • mud_festival02

    Boryeong Mud Festival: Here’s mud in your eye

    There really isn’t much to say for this event that you can’t already imagine: Just a bunch of people getting down and dirty, writhing around in a whole lot of mud. Why? Because it’s FUN, dammit. When you were a kid, did you ever see a bunch of mud after a rain storm and get […]
  • Raw Octopus

    THE RAW AND THE LIVING: Become a Connoisseur while Eating Live and Uncooked Foods

    It doesn’t matter what kind of consumer you are, as long as you find it important to recognize that all diets are different, from all around the world. For some folk, it can seem intimidating, unhealthy, or even just strange to think about eating uncooked and raw meals; to others, eating raw is a preferred […]
  • pic3

    Lotus Lantern Festival: What a Long, Strange Parade It Is

    When I was a young upstart back in my college days, I was a Deadhead (for the record, I am STILL a Deadhead). What is a Deadhead, you ask? In the correct terminology, a Deadhead is one who is a fan of the music of the band known as the Grateful Dead. I attended eleven […]
  • Oman5

    Adventures in Oman: An Interview with A Local Expat

    Recently, some of you may have seen an excellent article posted in the ‘Society’ section of this site that discussed issues with the hagwon system in Korea (Illegal Tutoring, Millionaire Instructors, and Bad Reputations: The Real Cost of Korean Hagwons, Jan. 4, 2014). Many of my friends back in Korea have been dealing with an […]
  • tsrworld still

    Five Techniques that Make Learning A Foreign Language Significantly Less Impressive

    “What did you eat for breakfast as a child?” asked a wide-eyed woman from across the conference table. My friend had just introduced me to her clinical research group as “Kelley from Korea who speaks Chinese, Korean, and French” because she loves nothing more than to engineer awkward moments with strangers just to watch me […]
  • 숙쥐

    The Hangover: Remedies from Around the World

    We all know that the best way to prevent a hangover is, of course, not to drink. But what if you’ve already started drinking? Don’t panic! We’re here to help a friend slow his or her roll before downing the rest of that seemingly blinding pleasure of confidence. And also help provide the reader with […]
  • pottery1

    How I (Almost) Became a Korean Pottery Fiend—and Why You Should, Too

    This is supposed to be an article about Korean pottery. To be honest, my closest association with traditional Korean pottery was posing for pictures next to the infamous kimchi pots at the entranceway to Haebangcheon, known simply as HBC to the widely diverse expat community that lives there. In recent times, and largely due to […]
  • Korean Cold Remedies

    Sore Throat and Sniffles? No Problem! Try These Korean Cold Remedies

    After a year of research and instruction on integrative modern and Korean medicine, two years of mealtime conversations with some very health-conscious Korean friends and acquaintances, and six years of ginseng jelly care packages, if you asked me to summarize my take on the Korean folk remedy approach to colds, my answer would probably be: […]
  • final

    Fifty shades of Gay.

    50 Shades of Gay: Perspectives of Gay Korea A Tale of Two Emotions “You’ve never been to West Hollywood’s Pride, but you’re from LA?” James asked incredulously, almost as if there were no possible way. “Yeah,” I explained equally shocked, but was then quickly distracted by an incredibly sweaty and muscular duo in matching hipster […]
  • apart

    Five Traditional Characteristics of Modern Korean Apartments

    Korean architectural tradition is dead, a fact to which any modern Korean city like Seoul will attest. Homogeneous growths of board-approved steel and concrete stretch high into the urban smog over a landscape where once-widespread wooden temples, pavilions, and courtyard dwellings have either been razed completely or herded into museum-like national parks and restored under […]
  • Korea's Insane National Sport

    Soccer + Tennis = What? Korea’s Insane National Sport

      I have to admit that when I was asked to write an article about a Korean game called jokgu (족구/足球), I was a bit less than enthused. Vague images of hanbok-clad adolescents playing yutnori (윳노리) against their will on Lunar New Year’s Day (설날) drifting through my thoroughly uninterested brain, I reasoned (badly) that […]
  • galaxy1

    Korea’s indie music scene

  • 1039563_650815338290011_117947749_o

    Fermented Plums, Pine Needles, and Mugwort: Strange and Innovative Korean Teas

      “Don’t you want to see what’s inside?” I reluctantly tore my eyes from my problem set and glanced over at my boyfriend. He was looming in the doorway of our dormitory over a cardboard shipping box that came up to his knees. “My mom sent it to me today.” “From California?” “Korea.” I pushed […]
  • crazy_teacher_by_bebecca-d312qp7

    Illegal Tutoring, Millionaire Instructors, and Bad Reputations: The Real Cost of Korean Hagwons

      Whether you’re a domestic or foreign resident of Korea, chances are the word “hagwon (학원/學院)” carries with it some emotionally laden connotations. According to the “Laws Regarding the Institution and Management of Hagwon and Extracurricular Education in the Republic of Korea (대한민국 학원의 설립·운영 및 과외교습에 관한 법률),” a hagwon is any private organization […]
  • tumblr_inline_myu3b5x5gd1rk2bis

    Hot, Steamy, and Naked Korean Health Maintenance

    One night in Beijing, I took off all my clothes and spent an hour bathing with dozens of naked women. There’s a first time for everything. Actually, it wasn’t quite the first time, but that’s a long and entirely irrelevant story. Moving on. The situation was not nearly as scandalous as it sounds, for I […]
  • Pansori performance

    Korea’s Masochistic Musical Tradition?

      “Real pansori singers practice so hard that they spit up blood,” my Korean teacher, who tended to be exceptionally interested and well versed in art and history, asserted in class one day last year. Whether a statement of fact or just one of the many benign national myths that I have encountered escaping from […]
  • Taekyon0003

    It’s Not Taekwondo: The Real Korean Martial Art

        What would you say if I told you that there was a martial art more authentically Korean than Taekwondo? That it is the only martial art officially recognized by the Korean government as one of the nation’s Important Intangible Cultural Assets (重要無形文化財/중요무형문화재)? That, despite its many centuries of local Korean history and current and […]
  • Seoul's Lotus Lantern Festival

    Lotus Lantern Festival

    This is as cool as it gets. Watch as thousands and thousands of lanterns parade through the streets of Seoul.
  • url

    Gangnam, COEX Style

      On Saturday I took a rare trip to Gangnam with my boyfriend for a leisurely stroll around COEX Mall, the largest underground mall in the world—nope, sorry, just Asia (darn you, Canada). Short for COnvention Centers and EXhibition Halls, both of which populate its higher floors, COEX also boasts an aquarium, a movie theater, […]
  • Korean_Pancakes-2

    Putting the “Pa” in “Pajeon”: Korea’s Onion Pancakes

        My first brush with Korean food was in 2007, at a small restaurant on the outskirts of Harvard Square, sandwiched between an Indian buffet and a boba tea shop. The restaurant was infamous for being expensive and not extraordinarily tasty for the price (a criticism that could admittedly be applied to many dining establishments […]
  • apartment hunting in seoul copy

    Korean Apartment Life in a (Very Small) Nutshell

      Cram half the population of a country of 50 million people into a single metropolitan area of a mere ten thousand square kilometers, and personal space becomes a precious commodity [1]. So precious, in fact, that some people go to shocking lengths to protect it, as in the case of a Seoul resident who stabbed his two upstairs neighbors to […]
  • SNSD Girls Generation Jessica Cute Aegyo

    The Love That Some Love to Hate: Aegyo

    Does this warm your heart? Or make you sick to your stomach?   aegyo (애교) /āgyō/ (noun): The act of being overly cute [1] Several Korean friends have asked me how one might translate aegyo into English, and I have never been able to give them a satisfactory one-word response. The easy answer is “cuteness,” but this barely […]
  • there will b mud

    There will be Mud!

    Join Kris as he walks around and asks foreigners living in Korea what they know about Korean culture. If they get the question right, they get a fresh cold beer but if they get it wrong… Well let’s just say the name of the festival is Mud fest.
  • soju-advert-6

    Drinking in Korea: Soju and Makgeolli

      One can hardly presume to understand much about Korean culture without knowing at least a little about its alcohol. And one can hardly proclaim an understanding of Korean alcohol without knowing some about the basic characteristics, history, and uses of its two staples: soju (燒酒/소주) and makgeolli (막걸리). Though these two alcohols are radically different […]
  • thumbnail

    Balcony TV Seoul

    Here’s something for all the music lovers.
  • Crazy pottery

    Hard Korea Pottery Challenge

    Korea has some of the most recognizable ceramics in the entire world… But lets just say Kris sucks at it.
  • eco-friendly-green-background copy

    How to cure a cold.

    Watch this video to see some of the best remedies for curing a cold and getting over the flu.
  • the-hangover-2

    How to cure a Hangover…Korean style

    Check out this video to see all the best remedies to curing a hangover.
  • final 01033418

    The Han River: Witness to the Best and Worst of Korea

    Join Melissa as she gives the grand tour of the Han River.   Within a bustling city like Seoul, the few places untouched by the pernicious hand of human activity seem to be those rendered inaccessible by accident of their geography: mountains, lakes, and rivers. And it is ironic, though reasonable, that those places relatively […]
  • Sea urchin copy

    Eating live Octopus and Sea Urchin

    Want to challenge your taste buds? Check out this week’s episode of Korea on the edge.  
  • tsrworld still

    TSR world # 3

    Brian and Melissa talk about how they study Korean.  
  • bungeee copy

    Shopping in Dongdaemoon

    Join Caroline as she takes you through one of Seoul’s most famous shopping districts, Dongdaemoon.  
  • PsyFeature

    60 sec of Psy

    A 60 sec breakdown of the one and only Psy.  
  • tsrworld still

    TSR world # 2

    Brian and Melissa talk about what brought them back to Korea  
  • kim-hyuna-2nd-mini-album-melting copy

    60 sec of Hyuna

    Get a 60 sec breakdown of the beautiful Hyuna.
  • CLUBS in korea copy

    Clubs in korea

    Get a glance at one of Seoul’s most popular clubs “Ellui”, on this episode of Korea on the Edge.
  • tsrworld still

    TSR WORLD # 1

    Join us for our first episode of TSR WORLD. Brian and Melissa talk about their first taste of Korean culture.  
  • admiral1

    30 sec of Gwang Hwa mun

    30 sec of one of Seoul’s most prolific and historical areas.
  • Kang-ho Song

    60 sec of Song Kang Ho.

    Get a 60 sec breakdown of the award winning actor, Song Kang Ho.
  • 081221

    60 sec of Park ji Sung

    Get an inside look of why Park Ji Sung is also known as “three lung parkkk”.
  • shopping still

    Korean Beauty Products.

    They call Korea, the mecca of beauty products. click here to find out why.  
  • 60 sec top still

    60 sec of Top.

    Get a 60 sec break down of the one and only Top.  
  • Park Geun-Hye

    60 sec of Park Geun Hye

    A 60 second break down of Korea’s first woman president.


    In 2008 three English Teachers living in Korea known as the EV Boyz uploaded a music video called “Kickin it in Geumchon.” They never expected it to go viral; however, it went on to be a big hit. Even today in 2013 you can still hear people huming this tune at English Village in Paju, […]
  • Kim-Yu-Na-Wins-Gold-Medal-Womens-Figure-Skating-2010-Winter-Olympics copy

    60 sec of Kim Yuna

    A 60 second breakdown of one of the world’s greatest figure skaters… Kim Yuna
  • timthumb.php

    60 sec of Bae Suzy

    A 60 second break down of Korean icons in society. Be sure to subscribe for more videos of other Korean icons, coming soon!

    Lotte World in the Winter Time

    Lotte World is well known for its huge indoor amusement park. Great for cold days, right? But did you know the outdoor section is open as well. Join Kris Holowicki on a trip to Lotte World in the Winter Time.
  • one way ticket still2


    In December of 2012, The Silk Road set out to produce its first short film, “One Way Ticket.” We are happy to announce that we are almost finished editing it. We would like to thank all of those individuals who endured through those cold late hours of the night to help us achieve our goals. […]
  • beauty standards guy

    Beauty Standards in K Pop Culture II: T.O.P, Wonbin, Hyunbin

    In the last episode of “Korea: Blown out of Proportion,” we explored different perspectives on perception of beauty cross culturally by asking local and foreign men what they thought about three famous Korean idol stars: IU, Lee Hyori, and Shin Minah. This time TSR hits the streets of Insadong and asks local and foreign women […]
  • korean or AMERICAN

    Advertising in Korea

    If you’ve had the opportunity to travel to a country other than your own, you’ve probably noticed that everything, including the advertisements, is quite different. In this episode of Hard Korea, Kris and Melissa take on the challenge of modeling 3 items [makeup, a phone, and coffee] in both Korean and western styles to depict the […]
  • Lee Hyori Beauty

    Beauty Standards in K Pop Culture: IU, Minah Shin, and Hyori Lee

    Join Kris Holowicki and Melissa Brown as they hit the streets of Insadong and get a keen perspective of the difference between Eastern and Western beauty standards. In Part I they used three of the biggest pop idols in South Korea: Hyori Lee, Shin Min-a, and IU. Both Korean men and various men of different […]
  • insadong history copy

    Shopping in Insadong

    While most places in Korea juxtapose old and new, this contrast is taken to a wholly new level in Insadong. Futuristic Jongno Tower looms above the numerous narrow alleyways of the neighborhood below. Insadong dates back to the Joseon Dynasty, about 500 years ago, and was the place of choice for wealthy government officials. Unfortunately, […]
  • eat-your-kimchi-photo-interview-korea-cr copy

    Eat Your Kimchi Documentary

    Eat Your Kimchi.  If you live in Korea or explore Korea through online outlets, you’ve probably heard of Simon and Martina Stawski, a fun couple from Canada who has captured a massive audience starting in Korea and spreading worldwide.  Their Youtube channel has over 275,000 subscribers with more than 75 million views. They shared with […]
  • joyful island 1

    Joyful Island

    It’s hard not to tap your feet and put a smile across your face when listening to this band. Joyful Island is exactly what the name says it is, filled with a harmonic blend of all different kinds of unique sounds adding an eclectic extravagant of instrumentals. You can find Joyful Island playing various kinds […]
  • dongdaemoon final

    30 seconds of Dongdaemoon

    Started as a traditional market in 1905, Dongdaemun has grown into the heart of the fashion industry of Korea and is today one of the largest shopping areas for all types of fashion and tastes. The market used to be enclosed until it was completely destroyed in the Korean War. Since then, it has gradually […]
  • Korean+Amusement+Park+Hosts+Santa+Claus+School+6_nBds-Zw6Vl

    Christmas in Korea

    No snow? No kids? No problem! Christmas isn’t that big of a deal in Korea anyway. Here, it shares about as much glamour as Valentine’s Day in the U.S. and is considered more of a date night or spent out with friends. But that won’t stop the creepiest Santa you’ve ever seen from trying his […]
  • 2009_fighting_001-500x334

    Korean Chicken Fight

    Chicken fighting is a simple sport in which the competitors hold onto one ankle and, hopping on one foot, try to knock the other player(s) over. Unfortunately for Matt, he’s not in on the joke at first when he is told he will be going toe-to-toe with Korean fighting expert, Lim BumJin. He receives rudimentary […]
  • Korean convenience

    Convenience stores in Korea

    If you have lived in Korea, then you’ve probably found yourself sitting at a little plastic table outside a convenience store on a warm summer day, enjoying a beer and some snacks – maybe even playing a little Go-Stop – with your friends. Watch as our host Melissa chats with some convenience store customers about […]
  • shoppinnn copy

    Shopping in Myeong Dong

    With a name meaning “bright town” it really shouldn’t be too shocking that Myeongdong is the retail center of Seoul. Neon lights, crowds, and stalls create a street scene somewhere between a bazaar and Las Vegas luring roughly 2 million visitors a day. Here, shoppers can peruse high end stores like Louis Vuitton, or, if […]
  • ewha_candremorin_dpa_adagp_1

    30 seconds of Ewha

    Founded in 1886 by American Methodist Episcopal missionary Mary F. Scranton, Ewha Womans University is the largest female education institute in the world. Although the school’s name may seem like an example of the grammatical errors on signs that are so common throughout Korea, it is intentional. The university’s founders believed each woman in the […]
  • morannn copy

    Shopping in Moran Market

    Moran Market in Seongnam is the biggest market in Korea, held each month on days ending in 4 or 9 (4th, 9th, 14th, 19th, etc.). It is located beside the Moran bus terminal but is also accessible by subway via exit 5 at Moran Station in the yellow line. Looking for a bargain? Items sold […]
  • KOE flair bar 5 copy


    If you visit the diverse pub and club scene of Korea, you will eventually be asked “Have you ever been to a flair bar?” If you still have your eyebrows, then the answer is probably ‘no.’ Relax — flair bars are a very safe and popular drinking entertainment in Korea. Think of it as liquid […]
  • SKATEe

    Hard Korea: Crazy Food Challenge 2

    It’s pretty well established that Korea is known for its food. From the spicy dishes of ddeok boggi and kimchi to the more extreme foods of beondagi and live octopus, Korea truly lives up to its reputation of having unique food. In that same vein, Korea is also home to one of the smelliest foods […]
  • Psy singing


    Britney Spears has done it. Ban Ki Moon has done it. Yes, it’s possible your own mother has done it as well. Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm this past summer and still continues to be firmly entrenched in pop culture. While relatively obscure globally prior to Gangnam Style, Psy (whose real name […]
  • Haloween KOrea

    Halloween in Hongdae

    Garish, boisterous, and intoxicated are not typically viewed as positive attributes. In our opinion though, that’s exactly how a Halloween in Hongdae should be. While the crowds are as intimidating as the costumes you see, the excitement in the air is more of an intoxicant than the Makgeolli sold by Hongdae’s famous Makgeolli man.The last […]
  • 643x482_melissa gangnam style

    Korea Reacts to Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

    Britney Spears has done it. Ban Ki Moon has done it. Yes, it’s possible your own mother has done it as well. Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm this past summer and still continues to be firmly entrenched in pop culture. While relatively obscure globally prior to Gangnam Style, Psy (whose real name […]
  • 30SecOfMyeongdong

    Shopping in Itaewon

    Ah, Itaewon! Everyone in Korea has a story that begins or ends with “So there I was in Itaewon…!” The name itself conjures up the stuff of legends. It is infamous, and it is a haven for any intrepid traveler with a taste for… well, everything! It is a hub of international trade and interaction. […]
  • 30SecMyeongdong

    30 Seconds of Myeong Dong

    Obviously, there are many, many places made for shopping in Seoul, but Myeondong — literally “bright town” — is like none other. It is a massive, open-air shopping mall offering the best of everything. And if you are lucky enough to be here during the holiday season, the light show is simply spectacular. On of […]
  • Guckkasten

    Guckkasten Special

    Here is one of Korea’s premier psychedelic bands, but their skill comes from hard work and talent. The band’s name is from a German phrase meaning “Chinese Kaleidoscope,” a fitting moniker for a band that blends music with psychedelic imagery and art. In this rare back-stage glimpse, you can see the band members themselves exhibiting […]
  • korean wrestling copy

    Wrestling (Ssireum)

    Whether it’s soccer, martial arts or joku, Koreans strive to be the best, and wrestling is no exception. Ssireum (씨름) is a traditional type of Korean wrestling dating back to 50 AD. This modern style first became popular during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and modern Korean wrestling dates back to 1912 when the first official […]
  • Cheonggyecheon at night


      Now here is a place that should be enjoyed in the spring! The Cheongae River is a man-made enhancement of a small stream running for 8.4 km through central Seoul; it was commissioned by current president Lee Myung-Bak when he was Seoul’s City Planner, and it has become a landmark of outdoor activities around […]
  • undrgroundd copy

    Gangnam Underground Shopping

      Psy is right, Gangnam has style. From glistening towers to trendy bars, Seoul’s Gangnam district has cultivated an image of class that rivals places like the Upper East Side and Beverly Hills. Prior to the Korean War, Gangnam was mostly rural in nature with rice paddies and quaint houses dotting the landscape. Today, Gangnam […]
  • Gangnam Express Bus Terminal

    30 Seconds of Gangnam

      A lot of people have been asking lately, “Just what is Gangnam style?” Gangnam literally means ‘South of the River’ in Sino-Korean, since the city lies just south of the Han, and it is easily the wealthiest area in South Korea. Gangnam Style is very posh, and the Gangnam area boasts the most expensive […]
  • 600x600

    Suri Suri Maha Suri

      Now here is a truly unique musical experience: An homage to the spiritual with a global sound that borrows from several world cultures and makes music through a variety of instruments and sounds. From the high whistle of a tube flute, to the Zen like sounds of a didgeridoo, and the celebratory drum beats, this […]
  • ajusshi7 copy

    Acting in Korea

      This video takes you inside J Academy, a renowned acting hagwon that has graduated a lot of prestigious alumnis and well recognized actors. One of the most underrated cultural aspects of Korea is cinema. If you want to see a good film, then Korean films cannot be overstated. It can be tricky to find […]
  • traditional village15

    Traditional Korean Village

    Looking for a comprehensive crash-course in Korean cultural history? The Korean Folk Village is a must-see for history buffs, cultural curiosity seekers, and travelers in general. Tale a trip back in time and see what life was like during the different periods of Korean history. The village was relocated from traditional villages around Korea and […]
  • CArly namdaemoon copy

    Namdaemoon Market

      Seoul typically is characterized as bustling, crowded, and a veritable assault on the senses. Namdaemun is no exception. Here you can find the 24 hour market brimming with vendors selling everything from clothing to electronics. There are more than 10,000 stores in Namdaemun, each vying for the attention of thousands of shoppers per day. […]
  • Inside a shop in Insadong

    30 Seconds of Insadong

      While most places in Korea juxtapose old and new, this contrast is taken to an entirely new level in Insadong. The futuristic Jongno Tower looms above the numerous narrow alleyways of the neighborhood below. Insadong dates back to the Joseon Dynasty, about 500 years ago, and was the place of choice for wealthy government […]
  • robot 4

    Robotic Surgery

      Korea is known for having some of the most advanced medical technology in the world. One of the leading hospitals is Severance Hospital of Yonsei University, located in the Sinchon area of Seoul. And at Severance, working hard for his patients is Dr. Armando Virgilio, a brilliant surgeon from Italy who came to Yonsei […]
  • crazy food

    Crazy Food Challenge

      What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten? When you travel to different countries you usually end up trying something new since each culture has unique foods, and rest assured, Korea is no exception! With its reputation for being healthy, Korean foods like Ssan nak-ji (LIVE octopus), yook-hwae (RAW beef), and bbun-dae-gee (SILK WORM larvae) […]
  • cool bars 1 copy

    Cool Bars

      Along the central subway system number 2 Green Line, located between Hapjeong and Sinchon, you will find Hongdae — an area with a college-town atmosphere known for its entertainment and clubs. The name “Hongdae” is an abbreviation of Hongik Daehakgyo, meaning Hongik University. It is a liberal arts school, and it shows in the […]
  • Lovers put locks with vows around the deck at the base of Namsan/Seoul Tower

    30 Seconds of Namsan Tower

      Topping the list of best sights to see in Korea is Namsan (or Seoul) Tower. Located at the top of Namsan Mountain, it offers a stunning panoramic view of the massive city far below. Since it first opened to the public in 1980, it has been the location of all manner of public performances, […]
  • galaxy4 copy

    Galaxy Express

      This band is showmanship through and through. Even in the candid videos and interviews in this piece, the band maintains its “rock star” persona in a style reminiscent of the American rock band Kiss’ dedication to merchandising. In short, this group knows how to grab your attention and not only hold it but throttle […]
  • starcraft


      For those of you who don’t know, StarCraft is one of the best-selling video games for the personal computer, and in Korea, they take it to a whole new level. Young Korean men and women can always be found in their local PC-bang (public computer rooms) logged in and fighting for dominance in a […]
  • breakdancing3

    Breakdancing in Korea

      Remember the 80s? Remember parachute pants and the birth of rap? No? Then check out where break dancing is today — in Korea. We take you inside the B Battle Love Story, an amazing blend of hip-hop, dance, theater and yes, even a hint of opera. In each program, a love story is told […]
  • rock tigers 5

    Ann Arbor on The Rock Tigers

      TSR takes a rare trip back to the U.S. in order to bring some Hallyu (‘Korean Wave’) home to the good people of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here, the local American population is about to be introduced to Korean “kimchibilly” band the Rock Tigers. What will Americans from the home of Motown, Kid Rock and […]
  • mudfest1

    Boryeong Mud Festival

      A popular attraction in the summer months following the rainy season, the Boryeong Mud Festival has been a yearly tradition since 1998. If you want to attend this incredibly filthy-fun event, don’t let the name fool you. The mud is taken from the Boryeong Mud Flats and transported to Daecheon beach, where celebrants roll, […]
  • rock tigers3

    The Rock Tigers

      They describe their music as KimchiBilly, which comes from the concept of Rockabilly music mixed with Korea’s staple, kimchi. They are the first band in Korea to play this style of music. They’ve played all over the world and hope to continue their journey along with foreign talents as well. Their repertoire consists of […]
  • Spicy food

    Spicy Food Challenge

      Like spicy food? Then are we in the right country for you! People who are unfamiliar with Korean cuisine may not know that it ranks among the hottest foods in the world for spiciness. Watch as Matt, an American, gets into an eating contest with the spice queen. Matt likes spicy foods, but he […]
  • hangang

    30 Seconds of the Han River

      The fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula (after the Amnok, Duman and Nakdong), the Han was once the most prized territory as the original Three Kingdoms of Korea tried to maintain control of it as a trade route to China via the Yellow Sea. After the Korean War, the river played an integral […]
  • 2075_638520527702_9978_n

    Kris Holowicki

    It doesn’t get any better than jumping on a plane, saddled up with nothing but a backpack and a craving for adventure. I guess you can say I’ve always been rebellious of the norm. I spent 4 and a half years in South Korea, where I got to whet my appetite for exploration. I wasn’t […]

    Brian Crandall

    Hello! My name is Brian A. Crandall. Some of my Korean friends know me as Saewon, but I prefer my real name. I have lived in Seoul for the last four years. During my time spent in this amazing country I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people and learn the […]
  • pic4

    Matthew Leach

    Matthew Leach was born in the USA. He developed a taste for travel at a very young age, and has been to all 50 U.S. States except Hawaii. In 1998, Matthew worked with a documentary film crew that traveled across the U.S. from Red Bank, New Jersey, to Denali, Alaska, visiting and interviewing 5 Native […]
  • DSC_0993

    Jarod Guillette

    I was born in Lac de la Prairie (Meadow Lake) Saskatchewan, Canada on a sunny June morning, 32 Korean aged years ago.I grew up living in both the rural and urban setting, moving back and forth between his home in Saskatoon, SK and the small rural communityI came from. Eventually I moved to Atlantic Canada […]
  • suit

    Isaac Kim

    Has been in the English teaching profession for eight years, and he is slowly getting tired of it. However, it helps pay his bills so he has no choice but to shut up and take it. He also worked at the Korea Times, thinking he would gain a lot of experience on the field of […]