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I Do Care: IDC’s first event

As you have probably already guessed, smart little visitor, our first event is all about net neutrality.

The event take place from October 25 to November 1 on IDC’s media channel and social network pages. Why now? Because October 29 is World Internet Day. We currently enjoy more or less freedom surfing the web depending on the country in which we live. This might, however, no longer be the case soon—sooner than you might expect.

Join the convo about Net Neutrality:

Throughout the week: articles about the development of the Internet and global and local web-cultures; the first episode of our show the Culture Talk, where IDC members from different cultures discuss the concept of Net Neutrality and the different situations in their countries; and a Contest to stimulate your creativity on how to raise awareness on this vital issue. Down for the party? Follow us on the social networks so you won’t miss a bit, and of course comment, like, and share!

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Celebration of IDC 2.0!

This event is a milestone for IDC. Previously named The Silk Road and focusing on Korea, IDC is now a global media channel, welcoming members from all over the world. I Dig Culture is now the place where people gather to learn about each other’s cultures. With a new logo, a new image, a new website, a new editiorial line, and many new passionate and creative members, IDC strives to dig culture with you and create a community where cultural differences are a treasure and cultural awareness a mantra.

Bonus 😉

Because an event isn’t complete without bonus, you will also discover a special episode of our Loving Abroad show where Isaac Kim relives his previous dating experiences, an exclusive short film for Halloween directed by our founder Brian A. Crandall, and the detailed history of vampires through times… full of delicious sarcastic details.

Support the event

In addition of following the celebrations on the website and the social networks, you can show your concern about Net Neutrality by changing your profile picture for the week by one of the following images:


Event - Copie (2)

Event - Copie

You can also include the following hashtags in your tweets and pics: #NetNeutrality #Idocare Feel free to give us feedback! @idigculture.

The Contest

To show that people all around the world care about Net Neutrality, we challenge you to take a picture of a symbol of your country (Flag, mascot, famous place…) in which you integrate a cardboard or sign “Net Neutrality: I Do Care” (no photoshop). Let’s be creative! it can be a statue holding a sign, a group of people holding individual letters, or even your dog carrying this important message for the world to see.

Then send us the picture (Mail, Facebook and/or #idocare hashtag) so we can share it. On Saturday, 1 November 2014, 07:00 A.M. GTM UTC, the picture with the most likes on Facebook wins the contest!*

The prizes:

1. For the winner: A collaboration with IDC! You can choose to be a guest for the Culture Talk, Loving Abroad, or even to have your own interview! A good way to make your voice heard about cultural topics you cherish 😉

2. For the authors of the first ten pictures: IDC stickers to stick on your computer, or on your fridge, or on your cat—no, not your cat.

*IDC members will participate but cannot win the contest.

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