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Fooling The General Public: Mass Media in South Korea & Turkey

While living in the Netherlands my Korean wife followed the political situation of her country very closely. She gave me regular updates on what was d...
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Pop Culture: Enjoy… But Be Cautious

Stuck in Stereotypes I once read that the majority of Americans don’t have a passport. As a European, I thought this was an incredibly shocking, if ... bergen an see 0

If I Were an Outsider, What Would I Say About Mass Media?

If I were an outsider to our “modern” and “connected” society—perhaps someone hailing from a community where mass media... marchand camping car chambéry 2

What Good Is Cultural Diversity, Anyway?

The human race now possesses the ability to share ideas among a more culturally diverse range of people than has ever been possible in the entire hist... host quotes for freedom performance caravane fun 2017 brief b1 test watch tabak rauchen geschichte schwierige fragen führerschein tag bei html there bedeutung des namens lisa maintenir bébé éveillé schuldentilgungsdauer in jahren basket ellesse femme see art contemporain tokyo apartment zum kaufen neumarkt here clinique grande synthe click martha pizzerei speisekarte fausse déclaration au tribunal